Daisy Speedway Featured on WTOC TV

From WTOC TV, Savannah GA

October 4, 2018 at 3:23 PM EST - Updated October 4 at 5:11 PM
EVANS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - A new entertainment complex is being built right now in Evans County.

The large plot of land already offers dirt tracks for ATVs and Motocross.

“Well, it may not look like much now since the track and the bleachers aren’t complete, but in just a few weeks, cars will be hitting this very track here in Daisy."

About a year ago, a family bought around 200 acres of land in the outskirts of Evans County in the small town of Daisy. They began a project known as Live Oak Motor Park - an ATV and Motocross track. The track is complete for the most part, and many people are enjoying it, but the owners wanted to do more. They wanted another track for a different type of racing.

“It was a small track already here and we just made it into a bigger car track. It’s a quarter-mile on the inside, three eights on the outside. It’s going to seat about 4,000 people," said operations manager, Michael Wedincamp.

The Daisy Speedway is being built for many different types of racing - stock car, go carts, mini late models, full size cars and more.

“The track is also built in reverse, so the cars can go counterclockwise, or, it’s more of an entertainment track than a racetrack. Also, we are going to do some figure-eight bus racing, demolition derbies. More like entertainment-based stuff," Wedincamp said.